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Trane Air Conditioning and Heating, Quality Tucson Heating and Cooling

There are Many Reasons to Select a Trane system for your home or business. These reasons include economical operation, reliability and gaining the ability to have greater control of the environment inside your home.

When You Are Looking for Quality

Trane features louvered panels on the outdoor unit. They protect it from damage. These panels are featured on the outdoor coil. Rugged painted finishes, along with screws that are weather-resistant, complete the rugged protective components.

Trane offers the patented coils made of aluminum for the outdoor component. These coils give your system improved heat-transfer capabilities. The resultant higher efficiency saves you money. This innovation is corrosion resistant to a superior degree that exceeds that of the traditional copper and aluminum coils. One leading model has one of the highest SEER ratings that are available. The SEER rates systems according to cooling efficiency.
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