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Tucson Amana Air Conditioning, Amana Heating, Amana Tucson

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It was Amana who manufactured the world’s first walk-in cooler. It was Amana who manufactured the Radarange microwave oven. It was Amana who brought these and other innovative appliances to the American people. According to experts in the HVAC industry, the Amana brand name means trouble-free quality. For example, Amana manufactures the MillionAir® heat exchanger.

That’s why Tucson homeowners often turn to Amana for their heating and cooling needs. They know that when it’s hot or cold outside, indoor comfort is just a click away. Tucson air conditioning shoppers can rely on the Amana brand name.

Not only are Amana brand HVAC systems reliable, but they provide some of the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems available today. In addition, they offer a premium warranty on these products. It is not surprising that Amana has retained its reputation as an industry leader for nearly a hundred years. Continue reading

Central Air Conditioning and Heating, Tucson AZ

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Goodman provides both residential and light commercial air conditioning units for heating, air conditioning and products that maintain good quality indoor air. Goodman provides some of the most economical units in the entire industry.

Harold Goodman, founder of Goodman, began as an air conditioning contractor. His credo is based on manufacturing only the finest, but, at a price more affordable than other heating and air conditioning systems. Goodman Global Group, Inc. has met the founder’s goal by achieving the following:

  • Products come with solid warranties
  • Products offer greater reliability
  • Products offer long-lasting operation
  • Products offer smooth installation
  • Products remain within an economical price range

All Goodman air conditioning products are constructed to meet the original standards put in place by our founder. The warranties are among the finest in the entire industry. These factors have boosted Goodman brand products into a respected position in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation business today.

Tucson Central Air Conditioning Facts

  • A central air conditioning system is referred to as a split system. It has both outdoor and indoor components. Outdoors you have the compressor bearing unit. The coil is the indoor component. It is most often installed on top of the furnace.
  • The compressor is powered by electricity. As it pumps refrigerant through the unit it gathers moisture and heat from inside the home and removes it, releasing it outside the home.
  • The temperature inside the house is kept at a comfortable level due to the hot air and humidity being removed. When the warmer air from inside is blown over the indoor coil, the heat is transmitted to the surface of the coil. This is what cools or conditions the air.
  • The heat collected on the coil is pumped to the outside and dispersed.
  • The cool air is pumped back into the house to maintain the comfortable temperature the owner has selected.
  • Another method of air conditioning the home is done through a package unit or heat pump.

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