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Several Energy Saving Tips for Winter Months

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We have compiled a list of quick tips that everyone can use during the winter months to save where they can. These tips can apply to different types of homes so please take your time to read down the list:

  • Reversing the direction your ceiling fan spins on low can help circulate warm air around the room.
  • Homes can easily dry out in the winter months. Moisture in the air helps bring back warmth and to accomplish this, a simple humidifier running during winter months can keep the interior air from being dryer than usual.
  • Also, from a comfort level, humidifiers can improve basic ailments like sinus problems. Since air with moisture in it holds heat better, a lower temperature can be just as comfortable and you can save in energy costs.
  • If you find that a humidifier serves your needs well, consider getting a whole house humidifier.
  • On sunny days (easy enough to find in Arizona), take advantage of the natural sunlight to bring in heat by adjusting blinds so they open and are tilted toward the ceiling. But make sure you remember to close the blinds at sundown.
  • Fireplaces can waste a lot of energy. By pulling warm air out of the house through the chimney when not in use, it is an easy measure to forget. Make sure you close the damper when not using the fireplace, or you can install glass doors to help keep heat in the home.
  • Exhaust fans, such as those found in kitchens, can pull warm air out of the home through the vent. Exhaust fans can also cause negative pressure inside your home that can lead to back drafts from your fireplace and can cause drafts through the walls, windows and un-insulated outlets in your home. Use them sparingly in colder months to save even more on energy costs.

The best defense against heating problems is regular maintenance. We recommend year-round care with our home care packages. Having heating equipment serviced by a reputable company at least once a year could reduce your heating bill and prevent costly repairs and replacements in the future.

A big part of our recommended plan is regular equipment inspections. Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions has been serving Tucson and Southern Arizona for years and our service is courteous and timely. Catching a potential problem early enough to either prevent a catastrophe or simply save a lot of money on a failing component, we are ready to serve you during the winter months!

2012 Winter Checklist

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It’s just about that time of year again to prepare for the mild Tucson winter. While for Tucson we’re seeing above average temperatures for this far into the season most Tucsonians know how quickly the weather can change once the heat finally relinquishes.

Here are a few tips and suggestions as we approach the middle of December:

Check Your Air Filters
This task is just the kind of thing that people forget about during the day. It’s easy to miss because it’s out of sight and out of mind. But here at Cool Breeze, we recommend constant vigilance on air filter maintenance. Not only is it a low cost and easy task to perform once you get a rhythm going, but it is vital to maintaining performance and ensuring your equipment lasts a long time. Make sure you inspect and replace filters often – as frequently as once a month if you notice they begin to collect a significant amount of debris.

Get Your Unit Checked Annually
While we understand that this may be an arbitrary step to most, the reason we recommend this is that in many cases major problems start out as minor problems. Having a compressor beginning to go out or a unit showing signs of stress can many times provide a number of options before they become full blown issues. In these cases it’s always a major cost savings rather than a cost incursion. Think of it as an investment in the long term care of your air conditioning and heating unit.

Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions have the professional knowledge and the experience to ensure your unit is running its very best. Give us a call today and see how we can provide peace of mind that your air conditioning or heating unit is ready for winter!

Summer provides unique challenges in making sure cold air stays inside while creating barriers against hot air coming into the home. Winter is the same way – make sure you adapt as many low cost options as possible to keep warm air in your home. Escaping air can many times be an easy fix and can provide a big savings on your monthly energy bills.

Obviously the biggest change is to move from single pane inefficient windows to dual pane energy star rated windows. This may be too extreme for some homes and if upgrading isn’t an option, using adhesive weather stripping on windows and self installed door guards, weather strips and low cost window coverings to create insulated barriers can go a long way in lowering your heating bills.

Doing basic things can go a long way in ensuring a more efficient home. Having clean ducts with frequently changed filters, well insulated rooms and doors and windows are prepared by at least the very basic level of insulation will start you on the path to lower heating bills and keep your system running at top performance. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us – we’re here to help you in any of your Tucson heating and cooling needs!