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Tucson Water Quality

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As a Tucson Resident, are you satisfied with your drinking water? Based on the U.S. EPA’s standards of clean drinking water, our normal city tap water meets basic criteria. Yet Tucson residents spend millions of dollars every year on filters, water services and bottled water. Why are we spending so much time refusing to use tap water?

Many people are becoming more alarmed that there isn’t more testing done. Impurities such as pharmaceuticals, care products, cleaning products and other byproducts are categorized as “emerging contaminants” and are not currently regulated by the EPA. Another reason would be TCE (trichloroethylene), a well-known chemical throughout Tucson in the 1980s when people in South Tucson took ill from drinking from contaminated wells. Also the Colorado River project, called CAP, is a large reason long-term Tucson residents do not trust regular drinking water. Early reports of brown and red water flowing from tap water was a long standing concern.

While we use chlorine to disinfect water from harmful bateria and organisms, chlorine has a lot of negatives. In addition to being just one more chemical that we are exposed to on a regular basis, chlorine as a disinfectant produces byproducts such as trihalomethanes, or THMs. These chemicals can cause cancer. However, they are regulated by the EPA and while our water table is tested to be meet the EPA’s standards, most people would choose not to consume them at all given the choice.

Just like you, we live in Tucson and we care about the things we put in our bodies affect those around us. Our employees, our families and our friends deserve to drink clean water that is completely contaminate free. That is why Cool Breeze continually seeks out solutions that we would recommend to everyone within our own families, from air conditioning accessories that kill harmful bateria to water solutions that remove harmful organisms and chemicals.

There IS a Solution

Let Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions recommend one of our whole home water filtration systems! They are easy to install, economical and they provide clean water to your entire home to the whole family. The other advantage is that it just doesn’t affect tap water. It’s long been known that contaminates can easily be absorbed through the skin during a shower or bath. Our complete home water filter systems handle ALL the water in your home.

Give us a call today to learn more and we’ll be happy to provide a quote and recommendation!

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Get Your AC Ready for Summer

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We’re starting to see those Tucson Summer temperatures rising again! This week we are hitting 90 degrees, so it’s time to go through the standard checklist to get your air conditioning system ready for the summer! Big events like Summer and Winter are a great opportunity to do preventative maintenance on a unit or get noticeable minor problems fixed before they become a large and costly problem.

Change Your Filters

It’s always a good idea to regularly change your filters. If you tend to forget, then major events such as summer seasons can be a good opportunity to make sure you change all the filters in your home, especially on air returns which can be easily forgotten. Make sure you know all the areas in your home that require filters and they are regularly changed to increase the longevity of any system.

For Exterior Condensers

If your home features an external condensor for your air conditioning system, then just make a quick visual inspection to ensure that there are not built up plant debris or other problems around the actual unit. Specifically you’ll want to ensure that the fan is free of any kind of debris as a critical part of the cooling system.

Checking Your Ductwork

You’ll also want to quickly visually check your ductwork. There are two areas that you’ll want to look into. The first is the registers in your house. Checking for obstructions like rugs and furniture can make sure you have good air flow.

The second place you’ll want to check is if you have a crawlspace or a storage area such as a basement. All connections and seams should be sealed completely with no holes or corrosion. Make sure if you plan to seal connections yourself, you use silver aluminum-foil tape, as opposed to the traditional duct tape.

Doing a checkup prior to the summer season is important also because you will want to make sure you don’t have mold building up in the ducts. If you find mold, simply call Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions and we will be able to thoroughly clean your ducts at a reasonable price.