Designing a Connoisseur’s Wine Cellar

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137158861If you love wine, you can easily create the ideal environment for your most valuable bottles in your own home. Keep reading for some tips on designing a connoisseur’s wine cellar in your house.

Get the Temperature Right
One of the most important aspects of a wine cellar is the temperature control. Wine experts have found that cellars should ideally be between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit to keep each bottle at its best. The room should also have a humidity level between 55 and 75 percent. This amount of moisture helps prevent mold growth and evaporation, and keeps the labels in their original condition. Maintaining a steady temperature prevents environmental factors from decreasing the quality of the wine so you can always enjoy the perfect bottle.

Include Enough Storage
When designing your own wine cellar, you should plan for future growth. Be sure to include plenty of wine storage that can accommodate your impressive collection. You might want to include a few different storage methods like racks, bulk storage, and display shelves to create an interesting visual effect with your bottles. When you utilize the best storage, it helps you optimize your connoisseur’s wine cellar options.

Find the Right Lighting
The way you light the room can change its mood and help you navigate the different bottles to find what you want. Add some ambiance with mood lighting that gives your wine cellar a unique aesthetic effect. You should also avoid incandescent lights, which could increase the temperature of the room. Stick to LED light to get the best function without affecting the temperature.

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