The Environmental Benefits of Solar Air Conditioners

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486883413Air conditioning plays a vital role in your health and comfort during the hot summer months in Tucson. While traditional air conditioning units rely solely on electricity to provide cooling, solar air conditioners can reduce or even eliminate the need for electricity altogether. Solar air conditioners are available as both hybrid systems and completely solar-powered absorption chillers, the latter of which can be run without the need for outside power at all. Choosing a solar-powered air conditioning system offers many benefits, both in terms of your finances and your environmental impact.

Reduced Electricity Consumption
The main benefit of a solar air conditioner is its reduced demand for electricity. Current estimates state that as much as five percent of all electricity produced in the United States is used for cooling, which releases 140 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Whether you choose a hybrid air conditioning system or a solar-powered chiller, these units’ lower demand for non-renewable energy automatically translates into a smaller carbon footprint. In most cases, electricity is generated via the consumption of non-renewable resources, also releasing carbon dioxide and other contaminants into the air. Thus, a reduced or eliminated dependence on this type of energy holds many valuable benefits for the environment, including the conservation of natural resources and a smaller impact on climate change.

Less Material Consumption
The use of solar air conditioners can also reduce the amount of material required to make and maintain your air conditioner. If your home already utilizes solar panels for water heating purposes, you can use these same solar panels to power your solar air conditioner. Because solar air conditioners utilize fewer materials and moving parts, they are also more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly to maintain over the long term.

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