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It was Amana who manufactured the world’s first walk-in cooler. It was Amana who manufactured the Radarange microwave oven. It was Amana who brought these and other innovative appliances to the American people. According to experts in the HVAC industry, the Amana brand name means trouble-free quality. For example, Amana manufactures the MillionAir® heat exchanger.

That’s why Tucson homeowners often turn to Amana for their heating and cooling needs. They know that when it’s hot or cold outside, indoor comfort is just a click away. Tucson air conditioning shoppers can rely on the Amana brand name.

Not only are Amana brand HVAC systems reliable, but they provide some of the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems available today. In addition, they offer a premium warranty on these products. It is not surprising that Amana has retained its reputation as an industry leader for nearly a hundred years.

Tucson Homeowners and Business Owners Trust Amana’s Quality

Tucson Amana HVAC systems provide a reliable, fine performing heating and air conditioning system. Each one is manufactured using superior craftsmanship. Amana provides nothing but the top quality in these systems. The engineers put each system through a demanding quality-assurance process. They are in possession of the latest technologies in design and efficiency. You want a high quality heating and cooling unit; Amana provides it. You want money saving, energy saving operation; Amana systems provide that too. When you push the button to heat or cool your home, the furnace or air conditioner will not only do its job, it will do its job at the lowest possible cost.

Think of the benefits to the planet that are derived from not using up more of the non-renewable energy resources. Your children, and their children will benefit many years down the road. You will be leaving less of the so called “carbon footprint” that all responsible people are concerned about today.

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