Warning Signs of Air Conditioning Problems

179121556Air conditioning problems can ruin your entire summer. The sooner you can spot an issue, the more chance you have of getting it repaired quickly. Watch for the following warning signs with your unit to spot any problems early.

Water Is Leaking
If you notice any water leaking near the HVAC system, you should call in the professionals to come out and check out your unit. If there is a clog or a disconnected line, they can find it and fix it quickly before it causes any more problems for your system. A leak can be an indication of a much bigger issue, which is why it is important to call for repair as soon as possible.

Your Unit Turns On and Off
An air conditioner that constantly turns on and off uses much more energy than a system that just stays on. If your unit does not stay on, the professionals should look at your thermostat, the condenser, the evaporator unit, and the fan to make sure there is no bigger problem with your air conditioner.

The Unit Is Not Keeping Your Home Cool
If the temperature inside of your home refuses to cool down even when you turn the air conditioner on high, there might be a problem with your unit. A professional repair team can check out the unit to make sure there is no debris blocking it from functioning properly. They can also check the air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. They might try to add some shade over the air conditioner so it can work more efficiently. They can also make sure you do not need a new refrigerant line.

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