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Advantages Of A Ductless Split Heating And Cooling System

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Ductless split heating and cooling systems offer a number of advantages that can make them the ideal choice for heating and cooling just about any space.

Advantages Of A Ductless Split Heating And Cooling System

No Duct System Needed

For one thing, they can be used in existing homes where installing a conventional duct system is just not feasible. Older homes are often not built with a system of ducts in place, and retrofitting ducts can be a cumbersome and costly proposition.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Advantages Of Ductless Split Heating, Cooling System-CoolBreezeCSWith the use of a ductless split system, homeowners never have to worry about whether they’ll be able to have ducts installed in their home.

Additionally, because the air that is conditioned by these systems does not have to pass through ducts that eventually become dusty and dirty, it is typically much healthier. Traditional central HVAC systems pass air through long ducts that naturally accumulate contaminants and airborne particles. As the air continues flowing through the duct system, these pollutants get distributed back into the air your family breaths. By being able to bypass the use of ducts, indoor air quality can be improved.

More Energy Efficient

Ductless systems can also be much more energy efficient than a typical central HVAC system. Homeowners have been able to save as much as 60% on their monthly cooling bills since the temperature setting can be adjusted for different rooms (depending on the system). There’s also no ducts for the air to travel through.

Split systems can be installed as a single zone or multiple zone system, providing quiet and efficient cooling and heating for every roof of your home. A single condenser unit can connect multiple air handlers.

Whether you’re trying to meet the challenges of an older home or you have new construction, a new addition or you want to convert a garage or attic space, there is a ductless split heating and cooling system that is right for your needs.

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What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Freezes

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One of the most common problems that people experience with their air conditioning system is when it freezes. This can be a frustrating experience, because it will leave you without the comfort of cold air. Because most people will experience this problem at some point, it’s important to know what to do when your air conditioner freezes.

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Freezes-CoolBreeze

Steps To Take When Your Air Conditioner Freezes

Turn Off Your AC

The first thing you should do is turn off your air conditioning unit. This will allow your equipment to “thaw”. If you want to speed up the process, you can run the fan on your HVAC system, just make sure that it isn’t set to the “cool” setting. You can also take a hair dryer and use it to warm the coils to help it thaw a bit faster.

Check For Clogs And Empty Drain Pan

While you’re waiting for your air conditioner to thaw, check the drain or condensate line to make sure that it is not clogged. You should also empty the drain pan while you’re at it.

Change Air Filter

Another common cause of a frozen air conditioner is running your HVAC system with a dirty air filter. The filter should be changed every month so your HVAC equipment can run effectively.

Clear And Open Air Vents In The Home

Your HVAC system needs to have adequate airflow to function properly. Just like a dirty air filter can cause it to work harder than necessary and possibly eventually freeze, air vents that are closed or blocked can impede airflow and cause freezing and inefficient operation. Make sure to clear and open all air vents in your home.

Have A HVAC Tech Inspect Unit

There are other problems that can cause your air conditioner to freeze. For example, if refrigerant level is low or the fan is not running at the proper speed, freezing is likely to occur. You could also have a problem with your thermostat. These are issues that will typically require a trained HVAC technician.

Once your air conditioner is thawed, you can turn it back on and set it to cool. If your air conditioner continues to freeze, it’s time to call in a professional HVAC contractor.

At Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions, we specialize in heating and air conditioning problems. Our air conditioning repair services in Tucson will get you back on track and help you to start feeling comfortable in no time!

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Why Does It Matter So Much That You Have The Right-Sized Air Conditioner?

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Sun & Desert-Right-Sized Air Conditioner-CoolBreeze

Many of us do not know the size of our air conditioner, let alone the importance of the right sized unit. Ensuring that your AC unit is the correct size is important for a number of factors.

Find out the surprising problems of a wrong-sized AC and the benefits of the right one!

The Size Of Air Conditioners Matters

If your AC is too small, then it will run more often, increasing wear and tear, breakdowns and the chance of pipes freezing up. A system that is not large enough for your home won’t properly cool as it will be constantly trying to catch up to what the thermostat is set at.

An AC unit that is too large then it will run more like older units. It will come on quickly and strongly, cool your house swiftly and then shut off.  Your house will be cool, but because the unit isn’t going through its entire cycle properly, that it was designed to do, your home will warm up sooner and it will have to turn back on. This constant cycle of on and off cancels out the purpose of your unit’s energy efficiency and will usually in turn increase your electricity bill.

The ideal air conditioning size will ensure it runs efficiently, so your family can be more comfortable – both physically and financially.

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What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Every building needs cooling during the hot summer months. Since these buildings have different designs, they require different types of air conditioning systems. The following are air conditioner types that consumers may want to consider procuring and installing.

Window Air Conditioning Units

The Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems-Cool Breeze CS

These air conditioners are also known as unitary air conditioning systems. The system consists of a single unit that is mounted at the window.

One end of the unit transports heat from indoors to the outside, while the other blows cool air inside the house. The device is very easy to install and can be used in almost any room that has a window.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

This is a variation of the unitary AC system that does not require any mounting. As the name suggests, the portable unit can be moved from place to place depending on the cooling needs of the user. Heat from the device is dumped outside through a hose vent. Portable air conditioners are more energy efficient than any other type of air conditioning system because they only cool the room that is current being occupied, as opposed to the whole house.

Ductless Air Conditioning Units

This is one of the most popular air conditioning systems in the world. It is also known as split air conditioning. The system consists of two parts; a wall-mounted indoor unit and an exterior component. The indoor unit sucks in hot air from the room and cools it before blowing cool air back into the room. On the other hand, the outdoor unit cools the refrigerant first, before transporting it to the secondary units (air handlers) indoors. The two units are connected by electrical cables and metal tubes carrying the refrigerant.

Central Air Conditioning Units

This is a fully ducted system that can either be high velocity or low velocity. It works by extracting warm air from different parts of the house, cools it at a central location before distributing the cooled air through a series of ducts and vents.

The above referenced air conditioner types all have their own benefits and drawbacks, and each is a viable cooling solution. Depending on how your house is set up, each of these may be the best option for your HVAC needs; speaking with one of our expert HVAC technicians and getting the big picture of your cooling needs and the setup of your home will  give you the best idea of which type of air conditioner will work best for you.

To find out which system is best suited for your home, contact us at Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions today:

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Will An Air Conditioner With A Higher BTU Cool My Room Faster?

If you want to maintain the right temperature in a particular room, it is important to choose the right room air conditioner for your home. You need to consider the size of the room and its purpose before making your decision to buy an air conditioning unit.

What BTU’s Have To Do With Properly Cooling Your Room

It’s important to match the room size to the BTU rating so that the air conditioner will be able to cool the room properly.

BTU: British Thermal Unit

Will an Air Conditioner Higher BTU Cool my Room Faster - CoolBreezeCSBefore you can make a decision about an air conditioner for a particular room in your home, you will need to know more about BTUs (British Thermal Units). A BTU is an international measure of energy that is used to describe the amount of heat needed to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.

In the heating and cooling industry, BTUs are used to measure the amount of heat that an air conditioning unit can remove from a room per hour. As the BTU rating on a particular unit increases, the size, weight and cost also goes up.

Recommended BTU By Room Size

If you are looking for an air conditioner for a room measuring say 10’ x 15’ (150 square feet), the recommended BTU range is up to 5400. If your room is 10’x 20’ (200 square feet), you’d need to look at a 6,000 BTU unit. Once you get into 340 and 400 square feet per room, you’d need an 8,000 or 9,000 BTU air conditioner, respectively.

Kitchens need more cooling power, since you’ll be operating the oven, which adds heat to the room. Add an additional 4000 BTU to the recommended size for an air conditioning unit in your kitchen.

High ceilings or unusual floor plans also require additional cooling power, which means you should plan for another 10 percent above the standard BTU level. Living in a warmer climate also means you need to add on between 10-20 percent more BTUs per room.

Air Conditioner Size And Cooling Ability

So you’re still wondering if an air conditioner with a higher BTU will cool your room faster, right? Read on:

If your air conditioner has a bigger BTU rating than the room size needs, it will cycle off too quickly, waste energy, and will not adequately dehumidify the space. So a higher BTU than needed is definitely not recommended.

Installing an air conditioner that is too small for the space is also not recommended, since it will run continuously. It will not be powerful enough to cool the space adequately.

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Preparing Your AC for Winter

140376700As the weather starts to cool down, it is important to get your air conditioner service to ensure that it is ready for winter. Not only can this save you money and prevent future repairs, but it also means that your air conditioner will be ready to use when the summer rolls around again. Keep reading to find out how to prepare your unit.

Inspect the System
The professional air conditioner service people can come to your home to inspect every part of your unit. If they see any areas that need repairs, they can make them right away instead of allowing them to get worse until you need to spend a lot of money for a major fix. They can also clean the coils and other areas that might have buildup.

Clean the Filters
It is important to clean your air conditioner filters regularly to ensure that the air can move through them properly. Cleaning and changing the filters every few months helps you enjoy optimal function and efficiency from your air conditioner.

Keep the Area Around the Unit Clear
Even if you do not use the air conditioner during the winter, it is still important to keep it clear. Try to clean out any debris or leaves that might surround the unit. If you do not keep it clean, some of these materials could find their way inside the unit and cause problems when you start to use it again. Try to leave about 2-3 feet of space around the air conditioner so it stays clean throughout the winter.

Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions is Tucson’s top air conditioner repair and service center. We can install, service, and maintain your air conditioner to ensure that you get the most use out of it. We also handle salt-free filtration, home heating, and indoor air quality services. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, visit us online or call 520-495-2227.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

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156534187The indoor air quality in your home affects the way you breathe. If you do not have good indoor air quality, you and your family might be exposed to potentially harmful contamination that can spread germs and cause certain air problems. Keep reading to learn about the major causes of poor indoor air quality.

Mold, bacteria, and viruses are some of the leading biological pollutants that affect the air quality in your home. Pollen, animal dander, and even dust mites or cockroaches might also affect the way you can breathe at home. If these biological pollutants affect your air quality, it might lead to infections, allergic reactions, or even asthma attacks.

If you or anyone in your home smokes, you probably have poor indoor air quality. Secondhand smoke has more than 200 poisons like carbon monoxide and 60 chemicals that increase the risk for developing cancer. If secondhand smoke is polluting your indoor air quality, it puts your lungs at serious risk for health problems like lung cancer, pneumonia, and respiratory tract infections.

Combustion Pollutants
Certain appliances like a furnace or a fireplace might release combustible pollutants that negatively affect your air quality. Most of the time, these combustion pollutants are the result of colorless and odorless gases. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are impossible to see, but they can have a negative affect on your health. If you are exposed to extremely high levels, it can even cause death.

Older homes often have asbestos in the carpets, the particle boards, and plywood paneling. Asbestos is made with formaldehyde, which can pollute your air quality and lead to serious health issues.

The experts at Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions can come to your home to improve your indoor air quality. We provide air cleaners and air filtration systems that can improve the air that circulates through your home. We also offer air duct cleanings. To learn more about our indoor air quality or our heating and cooling services, call 520-495-2227.

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Air Conditioners

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486883413Air conditioning plays a vital role in your health and comfort during the hot summer months in Tucson. While traditional air conditioning units rely solely on electricity to provide cooling, solar air conditioners can reduce or even eliminate the need for electricity altogether. Solar air conditioners are available as both hybrid systems and completely solar-powered absorption chillers, the latter of which can be run without the need for outside power at all. Choosing a solar-powered air conditioning system offers many benefits, both in terms of your finances and your environmental impact.

Reduced Electricity Consumption
The main benefit of a solar air conditioner is its reduced demand for electricity. Current estimates state that as much as five percent of all electricity produced in the United States is used for cooling, which releases 140 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Whether you choose a hybrid air conditioning system or a solar-powered chiller, these units’ lower demand for non-renewable energy automatically translates into a smaller carbon footprint. In most cases, electricity is generated via the consumption of non-renewable resources, also releasing carbon dioxide and other contaminants into the air. Thus, a reduced or eliminated dependence on this type of energy holds many valuable benefits for the environment, including the conservation of natural resources and a smaller impact on climate change.

Less Material Consumption
The use of solar air conditioners can also reduce the amount of material required to make and maintain your air conditioner. If your home already utilizes solar panels for water heating purposes, you can use these same solar panels to power your solar air conditioner. Because solar air conditioners utilize fewer materials and moving parts, they are also more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly to maintain over the long term.

If you’re interested in installing a hybrid or solar-powered air conditioner in Tucson, Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions can help you save money and contribute to a healthier environment. We invite you to visit our website for more details or to check out our current promotions. Call 520-495-2227 to schedule air conditioning service today.

Designing a Connoisseur’s Wine Cellar

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137158861If you love wine, you can easily create the ideal environment for your most valuable bottles in your own home. Keep reading for some tips on designing a connoisseur’s wine cellar in your house.

Get the Temperature Right
One of the most important aspects of a wine cellar is the temperature control. Wine experts have found that cellars should ideally be between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit to keep each bottle at its best. The room should also have a humidity level between 55 and 75 percent. This amount of moisture helps prevent mold growth and evaporation, and keeps the labels in their original condition. Maintaining a steady temperature prevents environmental factors from decreasing the quality of the wine so you can always enjoy the perfect bottle.

Include Enough Storage
When designing your own wine cellar, you should plan for future growth. Be sure to include plenty of wine storage that can accommodate your impressive collection. You might want to include a few different storage methods like racks, bulk storage, and display shelves to create an interesting visual effect with your bottles. When you utilize the best storage, it helps you optimize your connoisseur’s wine cellar options.

Find the Right Lighting
The way you light the room can change its mood and help you navigate the different bottles to find what you want. Add some ambiance with mood lighting that gives your wine cellar a unique aesthetic effect. You should also avoid incandescent lights, which could increase the temperature of the room. Stick to LED light to get the best function without affecting the temperature.

Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions can help you build your ideal connoisseur’s wine cellar in your Tucson home. Our air conditioning experts are here with temperature and humidity control options that help you create the ideal storage for all of your wine. We can also help you perfect the temperature in the rest of the home with our air conditioner and heating services. To learn more, call 520-495-2227.

Cleaning the Evaporative Coils on a Central AC Unit

157086997If you want your air conditioner to function at its best when you need it the most, you must make the effort to properly maintain it. Cleaning the coils allows the unit to continue moving air to cool down the interior of your home. Read on for more information on cleaning the coils.

Causes of Coil Dirt

Since the unit is consistently working to circulate and cool down the air, there are many factors that could contribute to dirty coils. Moisture, dust, debris, and even sediment might affect the way your air conditioner works as a whole. All of these factors can build up and eventually decrease the function of your entire AC system.

Professional Outdoor Coil Cleaning

Cleaning the coils requires specific skills and tools, which is why you should call in the professionals when you need this service. An air conditioner expert can come to your house and remove the grille from the outdoor section of your unit. He or she will then use a vacuum to clean out the interior. If there are any bent fins, the technician can straighten them and check the coils to ensure that they are in proper working order.

Clearer Areas Around the Unit

If you want to prevent unnecessary buildup in your air conditioner, you should make an effort to clean up the area around the unit. Before you start to use the air conditioner, you should trim back and bushes or trees that might deposit leaves and debris. About once a year, hire the professionals to come out and thoroughly clean the system to ensure that it is functioning at its best.

Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions is here to help you keep your air conditioner running at its best. We can also improve your indoor air quality and your home heating to make it more comfortable inside your house. To learn more about our services or to request a visit, check out our website or call 520-495-2227.