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Cleaning the Evaporative Coils on a Central AC Unit

157086997If you want your air conditioner to function at its best when you need it the most, you must make the effort to properly maintain it. Cleaning the coils allows the unit to continue moving air to cool down the interior of your home. Read on for more information on cleaning the coils.

Causes of Coil Dirt

Since the unit is consistently working to circulate and cool down the air, there are many factors that could contribute to dirty coils. Moisture, dust, debris, and even sediment might affect the way your air conditioner works as a whole. All of these factors can build up and eventually decrease the function of your entire AC system.

Professional Outdoor Coil Cleaning

Cleaning the coils requires specific skills and tools, which is why you should call in the professionals when you need this service. An air conditioner expert can come to your house and remove the grille from the outdoor section of your unit. He or she will then use a vacuum to clean out the interior. If there are any bent fins, the technician can straighten them and check the coils to ensure that they are in proper working order.

Clearer Areas Around the Unit

If you want to prevent unnecessary buildup in your air conditioner, you should make an effort to clean up the area around the unit. Before you start to use the air conditioner, you should trim back and bushes or trees that might deposit leaves and debris. About once a year, hire the professionals to come out and thoroughly clean the system to ensure that it is functioning at its best.

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