Heating And Cooling Tips For Arizona Homes

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Heating And Cooling Tips For AZ Homes - CoolBreezeCS.comWhen the heat of the summer comes rolling in, you don’t want to find yourself in Arizona relying on HVAC systems that just aren’t up to par with fighting the weather. The summer heat can be grueling, but our professionals at Cool Breeze Comfort Solution are here to make sure your system can handle the inevitable onslaught of high temperatures that come with each and every summer. These heating and cooling tips will help you keep your HVAC system working optimally.

Annual Checkups

You need to have regular maintenance on your HVAC systems. Many people don’t realize that this not only helps your system stay functioning for longer than it otherwise would, but it makes the air conditioning that much more effective and efficient when it is running. Who doesn’t like lower utility bills? Like any system that is called upon to act in extreme weather, you need to keep up on the maintenance to get the best possible results.

Leaking Coolant

Looking out for the coolant is one issue. In theory this shouldn’t normally be a problem, but extreme temperatures cause problems you otherwise wouldn’t have. Because of this supporting parts can be damaged. If you sense your HVAC system is working harder but not making the air as cool, it’s time to call us to restock the coolant and make any repairs to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Broken Thermometer

Another common issue you need to look out for in Phoenix is a broken thermometer. There can be several causes for this. Frequently adjusting the temperature throughout the day, day after day, can lead to stress and wear that results in needing some maintenance to set things right. In homes with kids, these can be bumped often and that can lead to them needing to be calibrated again to get the cold air flowing the way you want.

Arizona is not the type of state where you want to have to worry about your HVAC systems in the summer. If your HVAC unit is several years old, it’s always good to have us come in for maintenance to take care of the issues that come with natural wear and tear.

Protect Your HVAC System From The Desert Heat And Enjoy A Cool And Comfortable Summer By Calling Us Now To Set Up A Checkup!