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When will Tucson Hit 100?

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Yet again as we are approaching the hottest months, Tucson is guessing when the temperature will hit 100 degrees. While guessing the date and time is like gambling in the lottery, what is something that we know for sure is how to make sure your air conditioning equipment is working properly.

To save money, many families have yet to turn their units on for the summer months. Now is the perfect time before it gets really hot and you realize you have no way to keep cool when you need it. Now is a great time to get a quick inspection from Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions and allow us to just ensure your unit is running properly and won’t cause any problems during the summer months. We perform standard maintenance and inspection services on all major systems.

If you are in a position where you have been putting off the purchase of a new cooling system to replace an aging air conditioner (or even replacing a swamp cooling unit), then we would love the opportunity to show you why we are the right choice in Tucson for your air conditioning needs! New high efficiency air conditioners by Trane and other proven brands run better while using significantly less power. So each month you’ll see and feel the savings.

Our skilled and friendly technicians will assess what your home needs and recommend a cooling system that makes sense for your space and also provide a number of options to maintain any budget. We also offer financing options! Additionally, if you are looking for options that can make your home safer or more hypoallergenic, we have a number of incredible products that are sure to match your needs.

Call Today and Schedule an Appointment!

Don’t get too far into the Tucson summer months before you make sure your system is running properly. Give us a call today and we’ll be right over to help!

Hard Freeze Effects on Tucson’s Plumbing

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Tucson is widely known for its mild winters and golf all year long.  Most people come here to get out of the cold, but for those of us here last winter, we know there wasn’t much escaping the unusually cold weather.  With uncommon snow by November and record lows in February, it was a winter Tucson won’t soon forget.

It’s understandable to think when it gets cold that pipes will freeze.  What happened with a lot of the plumbing in Tucson last winter was more due to the length of the freeze.  It didn’t just get cold, it stayed cold and the longer it stays cold the more your pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting.  Tucson wasn’t prepared for two to three nights of subfreezing weather and the evidence of plumbing issues remained for weeks after.  Residents were faced with frozen pipes to their homes and irrigation systems.   Tucson plumbers were quick to respond, doing the necessary repairs around town.  The immediate, high demand for plumbing supplies caused Tucson’s stores to run out of the materials required to fix the pipes, actually causing some residents to be out of water for several weeks.  This unexpected hard freeze didn’t just affect residents; Tucson businesses also felt the chill, with hundreds of backflow units needing replacements or repairs in the weeks following the freeze.

Most of the plumbing issues could be attributed to lack of insulation and improperly maintained pipes.  To prevent a repeat of last winter’s events, you should thoroughly protect all exposed pipes around your home.  A great option is fiberglass insulation.  This insulation method will shield exposed pipes and be covered with a weather proof metal jacket; an option that is virtually maintenance free and can last up to ten years.  Another less expensive option would be to use self-adhesive foam insulation, but this doesn’t stand up to our blistering summer temperatures and may require yearly replacement.  The most effective way to prevent freezing is with heat tape.  This option may require some electrical work and is more expensive, but it will maintain an average pipe temperature of 42 degrees so as long as the electric is on the water is flowing.

With the winter months approaching, now is the best time to call Arizona Professional Plumbing at 721-9699 to schedule an appointment to get your plumbing properly insulated.