Professional Air Conditioner Coil Cleaners

Coil CleanersWithout proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit will underperform, cost you more money and need repairs more frequently. In short, it won’t do nearly as much as it was originally intended to. Therefore, regular maintenance, including evaporator coil cleaning and condenser coil cleaning, is vital.

If your commercial or residential HVAC system is overdue for air conditioning coil cleaning or if you need to discuss your coil cleaning needs with a professional, contact Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions today. Our Greater Tucson air conditioning coil cleaning technicians will work closely with you to get your entire cooling system back on track to use less energy, need repairs less often and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is functioning as it’s supposed to.

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Why Your Air Conditioning Coils Need Cleaning

What’s so important about outdoor coil cleaning for your air conditioning unit? First, let’s take a closer look at what your air conditioning system does and why it needs evaporator and condenser coils to start with.

Your air conditioner is essentially a giant heat exchanger. It moves heat from one environment to another. It does this with carefully selected gasses and parts, including your evaporator coil and condenser coil. When those coils are dirty, the air conditioner is no longer able to effectively absorb and radiate heat to cool the air being pumped into your home.

Any number of things can build up on your air conditioning coils. Moisture is always working its way through the system, and because air is blown through on a consistent basis, grime and dirt will build up naturally over time. Dust, debris and sediment are big worries, but they are easy to remove if you clean the coils often enough.

In some cases, there will be coils inside the building. These should be carefully checked by a professional, especially if they are inside an air conditioning unit or heat pump. For outdoor coils, you should also call a professional, though you may be able to perform some basic maintenance if the coils are easily accessible.

We Are Expert Air Conditioner Coil Cleaners

During outdoor coil cleaning, Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions will remove the grille from your air conditioning unit to access to the interior. Our technician will remove any debris and dirt with a vacuum, and then wipe away excess grime carefully. Bent fins are straightened at this time and the coils are checked to make sure there is no additional damage in need of repair.

To ensure your coils stay clean for longer, keep the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit clear. This means cutting back any bushes and removing any debris from the area before the unit is used each season.

Regular professional cleaning should be done once a year, and if you have easy access to your unit, supplemental cleaning should be done once every month or two.

If you think it might be time to have your air conditioning coils cleaned, contact Cool Breeze today. Our Tucson-area air conditioner coil cleaning professionals will carefully and efficiently remove any excess buildup, rust or debris from your coils and get your system running again at full capacity in no time. We can put you on a yearly AC maintenance schedule, which will include regular inspection and cleaning of your system’s condenser and evaporator coils.