When you’re having an air conditioning system installed in your home in the Greater Tucson area, the thermostat is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. After all, everyone has a thermostat. How much difference can there possibly be between them?

Actually, there are several distinct types of thermostats, and each of them has its own particular benefits. Of course, the type of thermostat that’s best for you will depend on your own unique situation and the specifications of your home. Don’t worry, Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions is here to explain the differences and make recommendations based on your unique situation and needs.

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Types of Thermostats

The differences in the types of thermostats generally have to do with the mechanism they use to sense and adjust the temperature and the way in which you interact with them. No matter which type of thermostat you choose, you’ll be able to select the temperature you want to maintain in your home and then let the thermostat do the rest.

Wireless Thermostats

Wireless thermostats are quite convenient in that you can essentially control and adjust them without even getting out of your chair. These are high-tech, easy to control and highly sensitive to small changes in temperature. Wireless thermostats can be used to control both small and large air conditioning systems.

They can be integrated easily into your existing system because of the wireless technology that they operate on. These types of systems are also beneficial because they can help to keep your energy costs down. The easier it is to control your air conditioning system, the more likely you are to regulate it and turn it down when it’s not needed.

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are beneficial because they allow for more precise temperature control than their mechanical counterparts. These types of thermostats can be set to a very specific temperature and their internal mechanisms will ensure that your home stays right at that comfort level. They can be adjusted by the slightest margin up or down to create just the right indoor climate for you and your family.

Many models of thermostats that fall into this category are also programmable, meaning that you can set them to adjust to different temperatures at different times of day. This is a favorite feature for many of our Tucson, AZ area customers because it makes it easy to turn down the air conditioning when you’re not home or going to need it and then have it set to come on again when you will be home.

And all of this happens without you having to make any adjustments beyond the initial setup. Aside from the convenience factor, this type of system will often save you a lot of money on your energy bills because it ensures that you’re only using energy to cool your home when someone is actually there to benefit from it.

Wired Thermostats

While wireless thermostats are certainly convenient, they aren’t the only way to go. A thermostat that’s wired into your cooling system will work just as well as a wireless model and often cost less to install. It may not be as exciting and fun to use as a wireless one, but wired thermostats are just as effective at regulating temperature and can easily help you keep your cooling costs down as well.

Why to Upgrade

Of course, you may think that your old thermostat is working just fine. So why replace it? Well, many older thermostats aren’t as accurate as the newer models, nor are they as sensitive to slight variations of temperature. This isn’t necessarily something you’ll notice in regards to your comfort level in your home, but the difference of a few degrees can make a big difference on your energy bills.

Whether you’re having an entirely new air conditioning system installed or just want to upgrade to a more efficient and convenient thermostat model, the pros at Cool Breeze are here to serve you. We offer a wide variety of thermostats and can help you find the perfect one to suit your needs.