Duct Cleaning Tucson

The ducts in your home, even though you never see them, are among the most important parts of your home’s air filtration and heating and cooling systems that keeps you and your family happy and healthy. However, few people realize that these ducts need to be cleaned often. Dirt from your clothing and your feet, dust from dead skin and pets, pollen from outside, and even mold build-up can start to block these ducts and vents over time, and guess where all that excess ends up—in your lungs.

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The environmental protection experts recommend that you get your ducts cleaned when certain conditions develop, especially if you have a history of molds in your home or have had an infestation of rodents or insects recently. Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions offers duct cleaning services to our Greater Tucson area customers, with rates that are competitive and service that goes above and beyond the competitors.

Top Quality Duct Sealing Services

Cool Breeze CS specializes in Aeroseal duct sealing. We target leaks from the inside out, effectively accessing the entirety of the system and delivering outstanding results. There’s no damage, mess, odors, or residue left behind. We introduce pressurized air laced with adhesive polymer particles. As the air escapes through holes in the ducts, the particles buildup and gradually create an airtight seal. The process is computer guided and we verify results and provide a written record.

When to Seek Duct Cleaning

Since heating and air ducts are generally not inspected on a regular basis, it’s important to look for warning signs of potential clogs or build-up. To start with, check for any excess dirt, dust, or pollutants being pumped out of your air vents. These materials will come through your vents, and might appear around the edges of the vents as they build up.

Additionally, if you’ve had any form of infestation in the last few months, there could be waste build-up in your vents, leftover from an exterminator or from the last of the insects or rodents. Mold is another major problem that can affect your home’s air quality, and can potentially put your family at risk.

If you notice molds in your vents or a musty smell being emitted, have a professional check it immediately. Mold left unchecked can develop into potentially dangerous spores that cause breathing problems in even normally healthy individuals.

Beyond the health benefits, consider how duct cleaning will improve performance in your system. If your heating or cooling devices are not forced to work overtime pushing air past build up and debris, they will use less energy and cost you less to run. Additionally, appliances frequently use the ducts in your home to expel exhaust. You will not only improve the efficiency of those appliances; you will reduce the risk of potentially dangerous build-up that can cause fires in certain devices like your dryer.

The Duct Cleaning Process

When the time comes to have your air ducts cleaned, you will need to provide open access to all doors, ports and vents in your home. Not only do major vents need to be vacuumed, using industrial strength machines designed specifically for duct cleaning, they all need to be inspected. When cleaning your vents, we check for excess debris and potentially dangerous build-ups of mold throughout the home to ensure there is not an outside source feeding the build-up.

During the duct cleaning process, we take special care to protect your home and carpets from any potential damage, covering furniture and flooring, and vacuuming into sealed containers to reduce the mess it causes. Specially designed tools are utilized to clean fiberglass duct boards and a thorough inspection is performed to ensure there are no asbestos containing materials in the duct system that may need removal or special treatment.

If you live in the Tucson, AZ area and your ducts are getting clogged, emitting strange particles or your energy bills are climbing for no reason, contact Cool Breeze today for an inspection and duct cleaning cost estimate.