Particularly in the winter, the air inside your home can become extremely dry very easily. In order to counteract this dryness, and to prevent the myriad complications it can cause, you may want to consider installing a humidification system to help keep your family healthy and comfortable. Here at Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions, we offer our Greater Tucson area customers excellent humidification systems and can help integrating this great technology into their home air purification system.

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For most people, comfort is the first thing they think about when it comes to air humidification. Dry air in your home can quickly dry out your skin, nasal passages and eyes. This certainly makes life uncomfortable, and anything that can relieve the dryness is a welcome addition.

With our home humidification systems, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a perfectly adjusted climate within your home all year round. Humidity is usually something you only think about in the summer when too much makes it uncomfortable, but having the proper level of humidity in your home air is actually essential to the overall comfort of you and your family.

Property Damage

And your body isn’t the only thing in your home that suffers from inadequate humidity. In fact, dry air can cause damage to wood furniture and floors. Just as it takes the moisture out of your skin, extremely dry air in your home will also take the moisture out of your woodwork, causing it to deteriorate and crack. Of course, too much humidity isn’t good for wood either, so making sure that the humidity in your home is regulated properly can help preserve many of your home furnishings.

Staying Healthy

The proper humidity level can also keep your family healthy all year long. Without proper humidity control, germs, bacteria, mold and viruses can quickly grow and multiply. Even if you have germicidal lights or an air purification system in place, improper humidity control can make that system work overtime or give it more of a contaminant load than it can handle.

You can reduce the workload on your purification system and help keep your family healthy at the same time by having us install a top of the line humidification system. And even if you or someone in your family does catch a cold, properly humidified air can help alleviate symptoms so that you can sleep much more easily.

Efficient Heating

Another benefit to proper humidity control in your home is that it makes heating your home easier. When the air in your home is too dry, you’ll need to turn the heat up higher to be comfortable. With an acceptable amount of humidity introduced into your home air, you can turn down the thermostat a bit and still stay warm all winter long. That’s not only more comfortable – it’s cheaper too.

Eliminate Static

Although it may not be as serious a complication as some of the others, the development of static electricity in your home during the winter is another result of inadequate humidification. Installing a humidification system will help keep you and your family from being little balls of static all winter.

Proper Care

Just like anything else in your home, your humidification system will need to be properly installed, maintained and cared for if you want it to last. Cool Breeze can take care of all of this for you. Our technicians are fully trained and capable of installing the humidification systems we offer quickly and effectively.

They can also show you how to care for your system and help you begin a regular maintenance program. Proper maintenance is the best way to make sure your humidification system will keep working as it should for the expected life of the product and beyond.

We know we’ve only been so successful in the Tucson, AZ area because of satisfied customers like you. Call us today and let us know what we can do to help you make your home a comfortable and healthy place.