Fast Drain Cleaning Service in Tucson and Globe

For more than 10 years, Cool Breeze has been cleaning drains in Tucson, Globe, and their surrounding areas. During that time we’ve been developing a solid reputation for providing reliable, high quality plumbing service to homeowners. We know that when you have plumbing problems like clogged drains, or leaks, or a more severe plumbing emergency, you don’t have the time to fool around. Our expert team uses the latest technology to cut through debris and eliminate clogs. Our numerous drain cleaning experts are ready at a moment’s notice, or have the flexibility to work with tight schedules. It’s our goal to ensure your drains are flowing freely, as quick and painless as possible.

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A Drain Cleaning Company You Can Trust

We are experts in fixing drain and plumbing issues in both residential and businesses applications. And while nobody ever wants to have drainage and plumbing problems, we strive to make the experience a pleasant one. Our strengths include:

  • Complete drain cleaning and plumbing service
  • Affordable, straightforward pricing
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Licensed, insured, and background checked plumbers
  • Leading-edge equipment
  • Based in Tucson and Globe with service centers throughout Arizona
  • Emergency service available

Your Solution for Drain Cleaning

  • Kitchen Drain Clogs – Clogs that slowly form over time. As soap, fat, grease, and other foods build up inside pipes, they eventually make the flow of liquid more and more constricted.
  • Bathroom Sink, Shower, and Tub Drain Clogs – Usually clogs occur in these areas due to hair, soaps, toothpaste and grime. These types of clogs require a unique machine made to cut through the debris. But, after we get in there, your pipes will drain as good as new.
  • Toilet clogs – Toilets typically get clogged up with excess toilet paper. A cable with spinning blades is inserted down the toilet drain to clear out debris and restore the toilet’s flushing power.
  • Floor Drain Clogs In Basements, Laundry Rooms and Garages – Dirt and debris are known to block up these types of drains. Cool Breeze can remove the blockage and restore the free flow of liquid.
  • Downspout Drain Clogs – It’s very easy for downspouts connected to your home’s gutters to become clogged with leaves or other debris. When clogged, flooding can occur. To prevent damages that come with flooding, have us clean out downspouts on an annual basis.