Whole Home Salt Free Water Filtration

Cool Breeze Comfort Solutions offers modern high efficiency Whole Home Water Filtration Systems that are Salt Free. These systems are designed to provide complete water filtration of odors, chemicals and other harmful contaminates such as chlorine and are virtually maintenance free. Cool Breeze can provide you with a complete home assessment based on your needs and install the perfect system to maintain your families needs directly into the existing water system of the home.

Every day millions of Americans are using millions of gallons of water every day. While our water supply is already treated, many experts are now saying that standard water filtration may not be sufficient for the best health of your family. Just because a water filter system says that it treats water does not mean that it does an excellent job of treating it properly. In the past, we just haven’t had much of a choice because salt-based water treatment was all that was available. We’re pleased to say that we now offer viable, affordable and reliable water systems today!

Water Treatment Quality

Salt-Based Treatment and Filtration

In the past several decades, in order to treat your water we have used salt based water softeners. The reason is that until recently, there hasn’t been much of a choice. Today with the advances in science and a better understanding of our environment, we’re seeing additional choices appear because of the harmful effects that salt based systems have both on the human body and the ecosystem. Additionally these salt based systems waste between 70-300 gallons of water per week while cycling out old salt brine back into the water supply.

Reverse Osmosis Systems also have to be installed in order for water softeners to ensure that the water you drink and cook with is not over saturated with salt. While stripping salt from the water, these systems also remove many of the good minerals our bodies need such as calcium and magnesium. In fact, up to 90% of these much needed minerals are lost in the process. Even large organizations such as the World Health Organization have cautioned against drinking what is referred to is as “demineralized water”.

The combined hassle and cost of continually replenishing salt for a water softener and the waste that it creates gives pause for those looking to install salt based water softeners today. The good news is, there is an alternative!

Salt Free Water Filtration – A Better Choice

Salt Free Water Filtration

The great thing is that today we have an amazing advancement in water technology by offering Whole Home Filtration that treats water responsibly and provides salt free water to your entire home without harmful chemicals or needless waste. And most importantly, it doesn’t strip any of the necessary minerals out of your drinking water so that you and your family can maintain healthy levels of needed minerals. Our top rated water filtration systems are both economical and long lasting. We use only the best rated equipment that has proven to function in the homes of Americans today.

The water that you drink, bathe, shower and cook with every day should be your highest priority as water sustains the life of the whole home. These systems ensure that water is pure, safe to drink, treated properly and harmful chemicals or irritating contaminates that can cause dry, itchy skin are gone forever.